Friday, February 26, 2010

Sami's Bakery

Those of you who know me are aware of the reason I avoid my allergies so diligently. I have chronic migraines which are ever present, but become much worse when I am exposed to one or more of many triggers. Some of the triggers for my headaches are food: wheat and eggs (which I am allergic to,) in addition to chocolate and red wine (which I'm not allergic to - but are simply triggers.)

Last week I was down for a couple days due to my headaches - and this week I was working on day three today until suddenly, a miracle happened, and I instantly improved (although I'm loaded with painkillers right now. Cross your fingers that when they wear off I'll still be well.)

It's sort of funny that I noticed this drastic feeling of pure goodness moments ago when the doorbell rang - I got up - and had no shooting pain through my head ("shooting pain" doesn't give the feeling justice, because I often think if someone shot me in the head it would feel better.)

At the door was a box. It's contents - more pure goodness.

Day's ago in a conversation with a new wheat free friend, Jess (she's the bright and witty author of "Gluten Freesta." Click here to check it out.) I was inspired to place an order for several wheat and egg free products online when I noticed their minimum order was only $25. Sami's Bakery is the maker of my favorite breads because they don't taste as if they are wheat and egg free.

I ordered some familiar and new products. Here is the list:

Millet Flax Lavish
Coconut Cookies
Millet & Flax Bagel
Plain Millet Bread
Plain Millet Flax Chips
Cinnamon Millet Flax Chips
Garlic Millet Flax Chips
Millet Flax Spinach Cheese Pie
Millet Flax Pizza Crust
Vegan Choc Chip Cookies
Millet Flax Bread (I ordered 2 loaves)

When I submitted my order online I was not given my shipping charge, which at first concerned me. However, today with my package I received a receipt and it was only 11.22. With shipping and all my order was $53.98. Sounds expensive, but for wheat and egg free food, this is a bargain. It is more affordable for me to order directly from Sami's rather than from my local health food store.

I will go ahead and vouch for the following products: all the breads (which I keep in the freezer,) the millet and flax chips are an incredible snack (and frequently I will use the garlic and plain chips for hor-duerves. You will see me using them in some of my cooking to come.) I have just tried the coconut cookie (pictured below) and will certainly order again. Have also just tried the Millet Flax Spinach Cheese Pie - which had a citrus bite to it and is growing on me. I would describe it as a thin spinach cheese stuffed millet flax pita - I will certainly order this again too!

Sami's has hot dog and hamburger buns and much more available on their site. Click here to visit them.

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